Local Business Marketing Secrets

Enter your name and type of business of the city in Google. If you are not showing in the search results there are some things you should know!

Secret # 1

97% of consumers search the Web to find local services.

This is a pretty amazing statistic, right? And yet, more than half of small businesses still do not have a website.

Clear business contact information

Keyword rich content that the search engines as

A design that is optimized to generate customerss

A clear navigation menu to help with the search ranking

A mobile version that suits phones and tablets right These elements help potential customers decide quickly that you are the person who can help and make it easier for them to reach out and contact you.


A great web site will help you found, but you also

You want to list your business information in other popular

sites and directories.

Important places to list your company

Google, Bing and Yahoo Maps

Review sites as

Yelp and Angie’s List

Foursquare and local directories like CitySearch It takes time to build a web presence, high-performance,

but it’s worth it. Your business will be more visible and appear more credible to many customers looking

for the services offered.

Secret # 2

You can earn more through mobile optimization. Only 10% of local businesses have a mobile optimized website. Busy consumers use smartphones and tablets.

However, most local companies have not reached this trend of rapid movement. By making mobile a priority
your marketing efforts, can beat competitors to new business.

3 WAYS TO capitalize mobile search

1. Invest in a mobile site easy to load correctly
any device so customers do not have to zoom or scroll

2. Make sure there is a large contact button on your
mobile site providing call

3. Optimize your mobile site for mobile search
(Which is different from regular search)

When consumers discovered through a mobile search,
the probability that they will do business with you is very
high. In fact, 73% of mobile users to take follow-up action
after searching for a local service. And 93% of them will buy from that search.

Taking these steps will help give you an advantage in
acquiring new customers through similar companies
your area.

Secret # 3

Online reviews are the new word of mouth.
79% of consumers trust online reviews as well as a recommendation in person.

This is your chance to outsmart YOUR COMPETITORS
Ask existing customers to discuss next time you talk to them.
Send an email to your contact list with instructions on how to check.


Consumers use social media to find local services too.

63% of customers are more likely to use a local business if you have information on a social networking site.


Customers want to hear from you.

74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications by e-mail.
Use email to send useful content to your
Appointment reminders and confirmations
Thank you notes
Holiday Greetings
Offers and promotions
Messages and notices tracking.


Being in the right place at the right time is everything.

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

How can you increase your online visibility?
• Maintain accurate and consistent information
about your business through the name of the website,
phone, address and services
• Add unique content for specific website
services you are promoting
• Consistently build their reviews and ratings
of satisfied customers
• Keep an eye on changing Google search rules
It makes changes in its algorithm approximately once a day
• Routinely publishing photos and other content to social media
• Running paid search ad campaigns specific to their location and the jobs that most interests.

Secret # 7

Deals make people want to do business with you.

55% of adult Internet users are projected to redeem a digital coupon in 2014.

How can you get consumers to see what We Offer?
• They have on their website.
• Promote on your pages, and local maps online
directory listings.
• Share in social media sites like Facebook
• Send it out in the mail.
• Add to your search campaigns paid advertisements.


You can not improve what you do not measure.

Follow all!
Why is it so important to measure your marketing efforts?

By tracking the results, you can spend more time and energy on the actions that are taking profits and eliminate
they are too expensive.

Secret # 9

Marketing is just telling stories!


Customize your website content by adding details about why his company was founded and what you think

Post photos to your web presence to show people what you do and why it matters.

Share your honest thoughts on commercial companies Facebook page-consumers love to have a stand

Encourage clients to help tell their story to write online reviews.

Create online content that educates and shows their experience.



In marketing, the sum is greater than the parts.

The online marketing success does not come from simply having a website.

Nor it has a single post social media or email blast. And while online reviews
They are big, they can not grow your business on your own.

Successful marketing occurs when all items listed in this guide are